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A few of changes in the 2016 Model 6.2L Ford based engines will require some new parts. First, the premium level engines, 400, 440 and 575, will get a new oil filter as a running change. The new filter will be a cartridge-style filter that is easier to get at and replace and more environmentally friendly because it doesn’t have a metal can that has to be crushed and disposed of. Indmar P/N 501022.

The premium level 6.2L engines will transition to top mount starters in the 2016 model year. To make the good news even better, these engines will use the same top mount starter that has been standard on all GM Models since the 2011 model year. P/N 573001M.

All naturally aspirated 2016 Models will get a new shorter serpentine belt in 2016. The shorter belt is the result of changing the automatic tensioner and eliminating an idler pulley. P/N 725903.

The Indmar-V drive used in most of our applications uses special Synthetic 50 transmission oil. We used to recommend Mobil Delvac Synthetic 50 which was at times hard to locate and very expensive. With the release of our new Indmar Branded lubricants, our own Synthetic 50 is available. P/N 872022 or SP872022 for a three case special.


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