The relationship an Indmar owner has with his or her local dealer is integral to the success of Indmar and the local dealership.  
That's why we personally train and certify each of our authorized technicians.  

Indmar certifies technicians, not dealerships. A dealership must have a certified technician in order to obtain certification status and 100% warranty retail labor rate (see details below). 

Maintaining or acquiring your status as a Certified Indmar Dealer will allow your dealership to be recognized as Indmar Certified, which is proven to draw customers to your dealership.  In addition to more dealership traffic, there are also financial benefits to preserving or acquiring your Certified Status as well.  If you are currently certified your warranty rate is paid at 80 or 100%, but could be lowered to 0% should your training expire.  

To maintain or acquire your certification and its benefits, please plan to send at least one technician to hands-on training every two years between January - March and to take the online certification or re-certification training modules.  Click here to view available classes and to register your technicians for their mandatory training. 

All dealership locations performing warranty services are required to have certified technician at that location.  If your dealership is without a certified technician you must have a technician complete the online training within thirty (30) days and attend Service Training School during the upcoming training season. Failure to do so results in Non-Compliant Dealer Status and 0% Retail Labor Rate. Dealerships are also required to file an up-to-date Affidavit of Retail Labor Rate. To file, click  here.