To become an Indmar Certified Service Technician and Certified Service Center, technicians must:

1.  Complete online certification program within 30 days
2.  Attend hands-on training sessions within 12-months of completing the online certification.   
3.  Re-certify every 2 Years after hands-on training session completion date.

If your dealership is without a certified technician you must have a technician complete the online training within thirty (30) days and attend Service Training School during the upcoming training season.

All dealership locations performing warranty services are required to have certified technician at that location. Indmar Service Technician training is mandatory.


The online training portal is your one-stop shop for basic orientation, advanced service and maintenance training for Indmar products.  Requirements for the various levels of training are as follows: 

Complete Indmar Information Modules 1 and 2 (Green Icon).  The remaining IIM modules are optional and can be viewed as needed. Cost $0.00

Complete Indmar Certification Modules 1-13 (Yellow Icon). Each ICM module includes a test that must be successfully completed to get credit for the module. An Indmar Certificate will be mailed to the successful technician. 
Cost $150.00 per tech

The recertification process varies depending on the last time a technician attended a certification or recertification class.

If the last certification or recertification class attended was during the 2015-2016 training season or earlier, the certification has expired and the technician will be required to take the ICMR Modules (Blue Icon) 
Cost $150.00 per technician.

NOTE: If the technician can’t remember the last certification or recertification class they attended, there is a list in the Service Training folder on the Indmar Dealer Portal that lists the technicians and where they are in the training process. If their name is not on the list it means they will need to complete the Initial Certification process - -TO BE ADDED 11/7/21

Click here to purchase online training.


To be eligible for hands-on sessions, the technician must have completed the on-line Indmar Certification Training or have a current Indmar Certificate.

The one day, small zoom groups are designed to round out your training on both Ford and GM based products that can not be done online.  Each session has a limited class size of technicians.  Keeping the class sizes small ensure that everyone gets the opportunity to ask question and interact with the instructor. 

Hands on training sessions cost $175 per technician.  The session are held at Indmar's world headquarters in Millington, TN and training facility in located in Merced, CA.

Each Technician (or group from same dealership) will need need the following items for their hands-on sessions:

  • Laptop computer loaded with Diacom
  • Appropriate cables to communicate with Indmar/Ford based engines
  • Digital Volt Ohm Millammeter 
  • Safety Glasses

Classes begin at 8:00am - 4:40pm EST with ample time for breaks and a 1-hour lunch break.

You will receive the zoom link after registration.


Thursday, January 6
Tuesday, January 11
Thursday, January 13
Tuesday, January 25
Thursday, January 27

Tuesday, February 1
Thursday, February 3
Tuesday, February 8
Thursday, February 10

Don’t wait … sign up today. 
The Enrollment period for the classes ends
Thursday, December 23rd 

Reserve your spot by going to www.indmaru.com

Available 24/7 for Your Convenience.

To sign up for the onlinetraining, log onto the Indmar Dealer Portal and click on the Training Tab then on Purchase Training from the dropdown menu.

NOTE: Each technician must be signed up seperately and needs an e-mail address. Click the icon for the class(es) you want to enroll in for additional information; then add the class to your shopping cart. The system will take you through the steps. Payment for the classes is by Credit Card only. To register for training and to receive access to the all- new Indmar Learning Management System (LMS), login to your dealer account on Indmar's Dealer portal and click the training tab.

Once you register through the dealer portal you will be able to access LMS training 24/7 from any computer or tablet with an Internet connection. The training curriculum is divided into courses; each course can be made of one or more modules.  The modules are designed for self-paced studies and can be reviewed as many times as you wish. You can start and stop a module at any time, on any device and the system will remember where you left-off. 

The module breakdown is by logical system and each module is designed to take the average student no more than one hour to complete. Some modules require that you complete a test at the end of the module; if you do not pass the test, you will be required to review the incorrect information and re-take the test.

The Basic modules do not have testing requirements, however, you must complete all modules before you can attend Certification classes. Some modules have pre-requisites that require you to pass another module before you can continue.   New modules will be added continuously as they are developed in the future.  In addition, recertification requirements will be moved online for your convenience.


 Basic Ford Orientation Curriculum


Estimated time to complete:
2-3 hours

Module 1:     Base Engine Walkthrough

Module 2:     Marinization Walkthrough
                       Section 1:  General Information

Module 3:    Section 2:  Electrical Components

Module 4:    Section 3:  Electronic & Control

Module 5:    Section 4:  Cooling Systems

Module 6:    Maintenance Requirements and

Module 7:    Special Tools and Diagnostic Requirements

To register for training you must log into your dealer account with Indmar. Once you are logged into the dealer portal go to the Training Tab to register for classes.

Course:  Indmar Dealer Training

* Module Required for Certification Training 

Estimated time to complete:
2.5 Hours


IIM Module 1:  This is Indmar*

IIM Module 2:  PDI and Maintenance Requirements*

IIM Module 3:  Check Diacom and Maintenance Requirements* 

IIM Module 4:  Download Calibrations from Indmar Website XP 

IIM Module 5:  Download Calibrations from Indmar Website Win 7 and 8

IIM Module 6:  Install Calibration Files

 Course: Indmar Marine Engine Service Technician Certification 

 * Module Required for Certification Training 

Estimated time to complete:
4 - 6 Hours


ICM Module 1:  Acronyms

ICM Module 2:  Fundamentals of Marine EFI 

ICM Module 3:  Diagrams and Testing

ICM Module 4:  ECM'S

ICM Module 5:  Sensors

ICM Module 6:  Air Control

ICM Module 7:  Fuel Systems

ICM Module 8:  Ignition Systems

ICM Module 9:  Emissions Control

ICM Module 10:  Cooling and Exhaust

ICM Module 11:  Starting and Charging

ICM Module 12:  Engine Transmission Mounts

ICM Module 13:  Transmission Types and Maintenance

 Course:  Recertification Training

* For Technicians with Current Certification

Estimated time to complete:
3 - 4 Hours


Basic Ford Orientation

IRM Module 1:  Oxygen Sensor Diagnosis

IRM Module 2:  Diagnostic Procedure

Recertification Final Exam

* For Technicians with Certification Expired Less Than 12 Months 

Estimated time to complete:
4 - 5 Hours


Recertification Qualification Test

Basic Ford Orientation

IRM Module 1 Oxygen Sensor Diagnosis

IRM Module 2 Diagnostic Procedure

Recertification Final Exam

 Course:  Recertification Training  

* For Technicians with Certification Expired More Than 12 Months 

Estimated time to complete:
7 - 9 Hours


Indmar Certification Modules 1 - 13

Basic Ford Orientation

IRM Module 1 Oxygen Sensor Diagnosis

IRM Module 2 Diagnostic Procedure

Recertification Final Exam

  Course:  Recertification Training  

Benefits for Dealerships who employee Certified Technicians:
  1. Financial benefits.  
    100% Paid Warranty Labor Rate versus 80 to 0% paid to non-certified service centers.

  2. More leads.  
    Indmar Certified Service Centers are
     recognized on Indmar's website as "Indmar Certified." Our records show that dealerships with certified technicians receive more leads than non-certified service centers. 

Need help logging into your dealer account to register?

email: webhelp@indmar.com

 To register for training you must log into your dealer account with Indmar. Once you are logged into the dealer portal go to the Training Tab to register for classes.

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